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Through the course of the validation process several things have been discovered.  There may be some differences semantically  between what we have chosen to call the scales, and what we have discovered that the scales actually measure.  For example, we now know that the value of the Polite & Courteous scale is actually a measure of aggression when compared to the Closing score.  If the Polite & Courteous score is higher than Closing, we know that this person is very non-aggressive, and a very soft closer.  If the Polite & Courteous score is significantly lower than the Closing score this indicates that the person is a very aggressive closer.

     In order that this aggressive style not come off as overly pushy, the examinee must have a Friendly & Warm score that is higher than the Polite & Courteous score.

     The Friendly & Warm scale measures how effectively a salesperson identifies a prospects needs.  If a salesperson asks a lot of questions in identifying a prospects needs, this make them appear as if they are truly concerned about making sure the prospect is happy with their investment.  This approach makes the salesperson approach very Friendly & Warm

     While the scales of Polite & Courteous and Friendly & Warm may appear to be personality traits, what we are measuring is actually a skill.  It is truly a skill to be able to be aggressive when you close, and yet be able to sense when you are applying too much pressure.


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